And I want you to be

included, too. 2017

Machinery and engines captivate me; the seemingly natural way in which they breathe in, breathe out, consume, and create with ease. These breaths are human to me. We are so perfectly made to foster these cyclical breaths, yet struggle to complete them. This dichotomy of easy breathing begins to blur when we interact with each other; relationships invite a drunken stumble of creation, consumption, change, stagnation, growth, chaos. It is when we find ourselves overlapping spaces, in ourselves and in each other, that we learn the power of the self and the disintegration of the "other". It is when we find these spaces that we learn to look up, below, beyond.

The catalyst for this work began in 2013, with the first of hundreds of postcards my mother would send me. My work tries to respond to this overwhelming gift of love, empathy, and being that I've found is not possible to repay. The only way to respond, to continue the cycle, is to breathe it out, in the hope that others will find space in their relationships to consume and create beyond the self.

In a few days, this internal glimpse of my life will be gone. Your ears will close, your eyes will blink, your hands will fall to your sides. Our relationship will pass. We are left with disintegration - unless you exhale on your way out.



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